Providing places of peace and honor life.

Choosing a cemetery for ourselves or for those we love is an important and permanent decision. The cemetery selected will become a lasting tribute to life and a solemn place for remembering and honoring relationships for generations to come.  

This decision is absolutely best made in advance, providing valuable time to consider options and family needs.

We are providing some basic information to help you begin your considerations.  Certainly, we would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions in person, on the phone or by email at  We are proud of our cemeteries and would love to visit with you about your cemetery or monument needs.  So, do not hesitate to call or come by any of our funeral homes or our Hillcrest Cemetery office if we can help in any way.  We pledge to you our very best and promise you will be pleased.


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Answers to Important Questions

  • What is a perpetual care cemetery?  Why is it important?
    There are basically two types of cemeteries.  Perpetual Care Cemeteries and Community or Private Cemeteries.

    Perpetual Care Cemeteries  are licensed by the state and guarantee the permanent maintenance and care of both the cemetery grounds and any physical structures.  With every grave space sold, a perpetual care cemetery must place 15% of the price into a state monitored trust fund.  The interest earned from these funds are used to care for the cemetery.  The initial 15% deposit can never be used and must remain entrusted ... thus providing a permanent funding source for future care.  Most Perpetual Care cemeteries will require a grave liner (or if the family prefers, a vault) be placed in the grave to prevent the grave from settling, thus reducing future maintenance costs.

    A Community or Private Cemetery  relies on family members or community volunteers to provide for its care.  Many of these cemeteries will sponsor annual "Homecoming" events where the cemetery is cleaned and cared for by the community. 

  • What is the difference between a Traditional Cemetery and a Memorial Park?

     A Memorial Park is a relatively new concept which gained popularity after the 1950s.  A Memorial Park will allow only flat or grass markers.  The monuments can be made of granite or bronze but are always set flush with the ground, simplifying maintenance and allowing for a beautiful,  more open feeling in the cemetery.

    A Traditional Cemetery allows for upright monuments or memorials.  You will find Traditional Cemeteries in every community or country - many dating back for hundreds of years.  

    Either MAY be perpetually cared for cemeteries.  Before making a cemetery decision, you should consider the type of permanent monument or memorial you prefer and the importance of the future care of the cemetery.

  • Ground burial or mausoleum?  Which is best?
    There is no right answer to this question.  Both options have existed for centuries.  It is truly a personal preference.

    With Ground Burial, our loved ones are returned to the earth, allowing grass to blanket the grave in a natural setting.
    If a family is concerned about the grave being sealed or protected from the elements of soil and water, a burial vault would be selected.  The casket is placed in the vault which protects the casket from the elements.

    A Mausoleum is an above ground structure or building, usually made from granite, in which the casket is placed in a sealed chamber.  In this above ground environment, the casket is protected from both soil and water.  
    Public or Community Mausoleums
      may be quite large and provide space for numerous families.  
    Private Mausoleumsare owned by individual families and usually allow for 2 or more family members.  Both types of mausoleums may be designed with small chambers, called niches, for the placement of cremated remains.

  • How do I decide on a type of permanent monument or memorial?
    First, do not feel pressured to make a hasty decision.  This is an important and PERMANENT tribute with many options and possibilities.  To begin the process, you will meet with a Family Service Advisor (FSA) who will assist you in determining the regulations of your chosen cemetery for the spaces you own. 

    Your FSA will provide honest guidance to create a lasting, meaningful memorial.  They will be able to fully discuss costs and explore available saving options.  Our family service advisors can help with all your monument needs are able to place monuments in all cemeteries throughout the United States

    A WORD OF CAUTION.  There are many companies and web sites offering monuments for sale. Certainly cost is a concern for most us....but in the case of permanent monuments, it is critical to know who you are dealing with and have confidence in their business ethics and dependability.  

    For over 70 years we have been serving Southeast Texas with honesty and integrity.  You know us.  We guarantee you will be pleased.

  • If I already have a cost from another company, will you provide a cost proposal for comparison?
    Absolutely!  AND usually we will be less expensive.  If not, we will let you know.  Regardless, it is always sensible to get a second bid from a company you can trust.


  • Are cemetery regulations Important?
    Absolutely.  You should be given a copy of any cemetery's regulations which outline the various rules and operating procedures for the cemetery.  They will explain rules governing monuments, flower and keepsake placement, cemetery care and maintenance, hours of operation and any special holiday schedules or allowances.  The rules protect the integrity and  appearance of the cemetery.  

Before You Decide